Gourmet, Handcrafted Cookie Jar Mixes

Baking holds a special place in our hearts and always instills a sense of fun and togetherness. The purpose of Sisters’ Gourmet is more than offering handcrafted, layered cookie jar mix; it’s about making baking fun and easy so you can share those moments with friends and family. We focus on developing each one of our cookie recipes in a jar with only the finest gourmet ingredients so you can enjoy delicious, decadent baked goods the way they were intended. Whether you have a baker friend or loved one who would appreciate a thoughtful and fun gift or you just don’t have the time to deal with complicated recipes, our handcrafted cookie mix jars are just the ticket for fun, easy and delicious homemade baked goods for every occasion.

At Sisters’ Gourmet, we believe in taking care of ourselves and the environment. Many of our ingredients are natural and contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and 98 percent of all the packaging in our layered cookie jar mix is reusable. The next time you have that itch to bake, leave the premade dough in the coolers at the grocery store and choose one of our gourmet cookie mixes you and your friends will love. We’re excited you’re here and excited to share our love for delicious baked goods with you. Happy baking!