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Gift Jars of Baker’s Dozen Cookie Mixes

What’s better than a batch of traditional cookies baked fresh at home? With our NEW Baker’s Dozen collection, you can share classic, delicious cookie recipes with friends and loved ones in a simple, easy-to-bake setup of small cookie mixes in jars. Each mason jar of cookie mix is measured out perfectly for a small batch of cookies, which is just the right number of cookies for everyone to enjoy a few! At Sisters’ Gourmet, we focus on using the best ingredients in our mixes, which is why each of our Baker’s Dozen small cookie mixes in jars is packed full of as many natural ingredients, colors and flavors possible.

Choose from familiar chocolate chip and oatmeal recipes and give a thoughtful gift that’ll fill the air with delicious smells and nostalgia. Shop today; shipping’s free at $75 or more!