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Mason Jar Christmas Cookie Mixes

If you’re looking for a festive holiday cookie mix in a jar, look no further. Our mason jar Christmas cookies are a wonderful solution to gift-giving questions. Teachers, co-workers and neighbors alike will delight at our mason jar cookie mix, not because of how easy they are to make (simply add butter, egg, vanilla and into the oven), but because nothing tells a person they’re sweet like a batch of warm cookies coming out of the oven. In addition, each jar is carefully packed using 98 percent reusable materials and decorated for a presentation that’s both welcoming and in the spirit of the season. We offer classic varieties such as gingerbread, chocolate chip and brownie mix plus modern and flavorful varieties like French toast, “Elf Treats” and “North Pole Favorites”. We use high-quality ingredients in all of our mixes for maximum flavor. If you’re planning your holiday party, whether at home or the office, our cookies will wow all in attendance. Remember to leave some for Santa! And take advantage of free shipping on all orders over $75!

Product will be available for shipment Tuesday August 1st

Triple Chocolate Chip Elf Treats Cookie Mix in a Mason Jar Triple Chocolate Elf Treats Cookie Mix

with milk, dark and white chips

Price: $13.99