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Reindeer Food & Snowman Droppings

Christmas is undoubtedly a time of year for joy and good cheer. There’s no better way than to usher in the good times with our hilariously fun Snowman Droppings candy! Coconut-flavored jellybeans are at the root of all the fun. Kids will love seeing this in their stocking come Christmas morning. We playfully dubbed this product “snacks from their cracks,” and we’re certain the humor will travel well with children or good friends. In addition, we’re whisking up even more Christmas cheer with our magical reindeer food. Again, children will love partaking in the fun of leaving food for Santa’s reindeer. Our reindeer food for Christmas spreads smiles across the faces of those who are eager for Santa Claus’ visit with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen in tow. Oh—and how can we forget Rudolph! Cover all your bases this Christmas with cookies for Santa and food for his reindeer. Between our Snowman Droppings and Reindeer Food, these gifts can make excellent stocking stuffers, and with clever packaging, they can double as ornaments for the tree. We also have these snacks available in bulk orders for storefront displays. Boost the Christmas joy to maximum levels this season with these hilarious additions!

Product will be available for shipment Tuesday August 1st

Magical Reindeer Food Magical Reindeer Food

bring Santa's reindeer to your house

Price: $1.99
Snowman Droppings Snowman Droppings

coconut flavored jelly beans

Price: $1.99